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Honesberie Limousins bred for type with skeletal/ muscular balance, growth rate, good locomotion and milk.. The sires both natural and A.I. are French and have been through the French classification system and Genomically tested.

D.O.B: 26/11/07
Min Tag No: UK 203272/400939

D.O.B: 16/08/09
Min Tag No: UK 203272/501038

D.O.B: 25/03/10
Min Tag No: UK 203272/301050

D.O.B: 27/03/12
Min Tag No: UK 203272/401142

D.O.B: 29/07/13
Min Tag No: UK 203272/101216

D.O.B: 23/03/13
Min Tag No: UK 203272/701208

D.O.B: 22/02/13
Min Tag No: UK 203272/401191

D.O.B: 13/02/14
Min Tag No: UK 203272/201252

D.O.B: 27/09/14
Min Tag No: UK 203272/101307

D.O.B: 19/09/14
Min Tag No: UK 203272/601305

D.O.B: 07/08/16
Min Tag No: UK 203272/501451

D.O.B: 22/11/17
Min Tag No: UK 203272/101552

D.O.B: 05/08/18
Min Tag No: UK 203272/301610


Breed improvement is an ongoing process, the Autumn calving cows and heifers are bred to French A.I. bulls which allows for the use of top and up and coming sires matching power refining and always growth milk and locomotion.  Our Spring calving cows and heifers are bred naturally to our four sires Gizmo, Nikos, Parfait and Oscar.

D.O.B: 02/08/17
Min Tag No: UK 203272/501528

D.O.B: 04/10/18
Min Tag No: UK 203272/601627

D.O.B: 16/11/18
Min Tag No: UK 203272/501640

D.O.B: 15/11/18
Min Tag No: UK 203272/401639

D.O.B: 14/04/18
Min Tag No: UK 203272/401597

D.O.B: 03/11/18
Min Tag No: UK 203272/101636

D.O.B: 27/03/18
Min Tag No: UK 203272/701586

D.O.B: 15/03/18
Min Tag No: UK 203272/201581

D.O.B: 08/12/18
Min Tag No: UK 203272/701642

D.O.B: 07/10/18
Min Tag No: UK 203272/101629

D.O.B: 01/04/18
Min Tag No: UK 203272/601592

D.O.B: 30/10/18
Min Tag No: UK 203272/601634

D.O.B: 19/02/19
Min Tag No: UK 203272/101643


Bulls by Top French A.I Bulls with true breed character. All the Bulls used in our Herd both Natural and AI Sires have been through the French Classification system and have been Genomically tested.

A Mixed Type Easy Fleshing Bull by the A I Bull Galion RRVS. Calves Easily with Rapid Growth, good milk production and Tremendous Temperament.

Was bought from Philippe Vannier of Gaec Robin- Vannier and Veronique Laby Earl Jama. In the Autumn 2022.

He had been used by the two Breeders before coming to join us. Oscar has strong Genomic values for Growth, Muscle and Skeletal Value.

A very quiet Bull with great breed Character and Presence.

Was bought from Lanaud in November 2020 a mixed type bull he is long, with muscle along his back and hind quarters he goes by his name Perfect!
His evaluation at the station was Growth 113, Muscle 109 and Skeletal Value of 111.


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